Valentines Day

Parents and students, please be advised that the various schools in Walton County School District will not accept deliveries of floral arrangements and/or gifts for students in recognition of Valentine's Day. This change in policy was implemented twenty years ago and is being continued.  While we understand that you may have a desire to send something to your child, we have found that the massive number of deliveries on this day in previous years has created a disruption to the learning environment. 

You are encouraged to continue whatever personal expression you may want to do for your child. However, be sure to inform the florist/gift shop that you will pick up the ordered item or arrange to have it delivered to your home. 

Thank you for understanding regarding this decision and our desire to protect the education environment. 

In addition to this announcement, a letter will be sent home with students on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, along with Interim Reports.