How does a student see his/her counselor?

We work on an “appointment” system. The student simply
needs to come to the front office and complete a request form. The student will
then be called at a convenient time to give the best service possible. If the
situation is of an emergency nature, the student should just let the guidance
secretary know and a counselor will see him/her at that time.

What are the requirements to graduate from high school in Florida?

You may view the graduation requirements at www.FACTS.org and select the “High School Planning” link from the menu.

What do I need to do to be considered an Honor Graduate from Freeport High School?

You may review the requirements for being an honor graduate on page ___ of the district Pupil Progression Plan.

When should my child take the SAT/ACT, where is it given and how do they sign up for it?

Sometime at the end of the Sophomore year or early in the Junior year is recommended for taking the exam for the first time. The student will select a primary and alternate test site when they register for the exam. Freeport High School offers the ACT four times a year. The student may sign up for the exam by completing the paperwork which can be picked up in guidance and submitted by mail or it may be done on line at the SAT and ACT websites. Currently the PSAT is given to all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students at no cost to the parents. The test score from the Junior year testing is used to determine National Merit Scholarship standing.

How do I schedule a conference with my student’s teacher(s)?

To set up a conference with one or more of your
child’s teachers, simply call guidance at 892-1200, ext. 4113. It is not
necessary to talk with a counselor to set up these conferences.

I want to make an appointment to meet with my child’s counselor. How do I do this?

The guidance secretary maintains the counselors’ calendars. To make an appointment simply speak with the secretary at #892-1200, ext. 0, let her know the nature of the visit, and she will work with you to find a convenient time for you to meet with the counselor. Scheduling an appointment will ensure that time is set aside to meet with you and discuss your concerns. Coming into guidance without an appointment may mean an extended wait, and possibly a limited time for discussion.

I need to register a new student to attend Freeport High School. What paperwork do I need and how do I proceed?

You will need at least four documents to register a new student at FHS– withdrawal form/transcript, birth certificate, immunization record (commonly referred to as the “blue card” which can be obtained from any physician or the health department in Florida), and if entering Florida schools for the first time proof of a current physical exam (you may register without this, but the student must present proof of the exam within thirty days). It would be helpful to have either the records from the previous school or at least a transcript of grades or report card to assist us in correctly placing the student in classes.

How does my student get promoted from one grade to the next?

According to the Walton County School District Progression Plan, a student must have earned six (5) credits to be a sophomore, 11 credits to be a junior, and 18 credits to be a senior. NOTE: If a student is retained in a grade, it does not mean they will not be able to take courses for the higher grade, i.e., the student only earned 4.5 credits and is retained in 9th grade. He/she passed 9th grade English. They will be allowed to take 10th grade English even though they are technically a 9th grader in their second year of high school.

I have several questions regarding the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Is there a place where I can get answers other than talking with my child’s counselor?

To get the latest information on this program you may
want to start with the 
Bright Futures Web site. If you still have
questions you may call the Department of Education at 1-888-827-2004 or talk
with the counselor.

I have heard something about the “Talented 20 Program.” What is this program and how will it affect my student?

The Talented 20 Program can best be explained by going
www.Facts.org and
clicking on the the menu item “High School Planning.” This will open a new menu
where you will find a link for the Talented 20 Program.