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Are You a Mentor Candidate…

Mentor Characteristics

  • the ability to listen and to offer friendship, guidance, and encouragement to a young person

  • a genuine desire to be involved and help youth;

  • respect for youth and their cultures and backgrounds

  • empathy and authenticity

  • compatible personalities, interests, and expectations

  • prior experience in helping roles or occupations

  • flexibility and openness; and

  • the ability to see solutions and opportunities and help youth to see them as well

Roles of Mentors

The roles of mentors vary greatly depending on the type, focus, structure, and participants. Mentors’ roles may also differ over the course of the relationship. These roles may include acting as

  • a role model,

  • a supporter or cheerleader,

  • a policy enforcer,

  • an advocate, and/or

  • a friend. 

If you have an interest in stepping in and stepping up to mentor a child, complete the mentor application below.  

 ALLY Mentor Application

If you are a Walton County School District employee who would like to mentor a student, complete the application below. 

Walton County School District Employee Mentor Application

If you have questions, contact Lori Hughes at 850-892-1100 ext. 1443 or by email at: .I