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Charles Trotman

 In the past decade, Physics education has changed drastically. The prevalence of laser-controls, robotics, 3-D printing, and virtual reality devices has made it imperative that our instructional practices be updated. Unfortunately, the equipment to accomplish this goal is expensive. I am seeking to upgrade the Physics lab capabilities to address these needs. We would like to purchase several laboratory-grade lasers, robotics equipment, and virtual reality viewers and related software. These items will greatly enhance our ability to prepare our students for what they will almost certainly need after high school.

 The lasers are most expensive item, running around $400.00 each. The robotics workshop is about $200.00 each and the VR viewers can be purchased for around $20.00 each. We would appreciate any amount anyone could donate. It adds up.
Ideally, we need about 3 lasers, 2 robotics workshops, and 20 VR viewers.


Tracy Nick

In order to use the AVID curriculum to its best standard my classroom is in need of 4 whiteboard easels.  Students use the easels to work through problems they are having in other classes during tutorials.  The students run the tutorials so that they OWN the material.  Any help toward my goal would be greatly appreciated.

109.99 Whiteboard Easel x 4 = 439.96



Jeremy Grisa

I would like $75 to purchase a few nice wooden chess boards for my classroom. I’d like to hold a lunch time chess club for students that want to learn chess. I believe it will help their concentration.

Terrica Carlock

I am requesting funding assistance for a field trip that I really want my kids to participate in on Friday, Nov. 3rd.  We want to go to Surge Trampoline Park.  
Because of our population, we are getting a very special discounted rate of $7.99 per child plus socks at $2.50.  Parents who jump with their children will only pay $2.00 plus socks.  I am expecting 12 students to participate with 9-11 parents/guardians, plus my paraprofessional and interpreter (and me, of course!).  If you don't jump, you don't pay.  I expect several parents to jump with their child...maybe 3-5.
I am looking at the total cost being apx. $175.50.  This is the high end amount, including parents jumping.  Total cost for students will be $126.00.  If I have to pay for parents I will.  I am sure some parents won't mind paying, but I want to see what funds I might be able to take off the top cost for each student through donations.
This field trip is centered around sensory integration and building social interaction skills outside of the students' familiar surroundings.  We plan to jump from 11-12 and then return to school for a pizza lunch (which I will personally fund).

Jamey Goddin

Price: $275.00


I am in need of a Fingerprint kit for our Criminal Operations class. We would be using this kit for learning basic fingerprinting techniques and later use it with our Mock Crime Scene Project.